Chiswell Walled Garden

In 2001, the Countryside Agency launched their Doorstep Green Initiative. It was a follow-on to a similar programme - Millennium Greens. However it differed from Millennium Greens in being easily accessible to grass-roots community groups.  It also did not require the Green to be owned by the group in perpetuity.

In the South West 25 Doorstep Greens eventually got under way, one of them being in Chiswell, Portland. The project funding was generous and the personal help offered by the Doorstep Green Advisors was particularly robust and on-going.The programme came to an end in December 2006. 

Other funders have been: The Local Heritage Initiative, Living Spaces, Awards for All and Breathing Places. Thanks are also due to gifts from South West Regional Development Agency, Batten's Solicitors, the NCCPG and the many volunteers who have laboured on the site.

The story of the Chiswell Doorstep Green and the group of people who worked with the Countryside Agency to achieve the Walled Garden, one of the smallest and most difficult of the South West's community greens, is what follows.